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MountMemory adventure pvt ltd is a Trek coordinator and operator in the Western Himalayas of India. The company is perfectly located in Kharadi (Barkot) – a small town in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state and just about 30 km of distance from the origin of the Holy river Yamuna. The tagline of MountMemory reads Making once in a lifetime memory at high altitude mountains and Himalayan peaks.

As we ourselves belong from the great Himalayas ( Born and brought up in the Himalayas ) – Trekking and mountaineering had always been our dream and in our soul. However, belonging to a middle-class Indian family who valued education and a secured job, we got drifted apart from our soul, but not for too long!

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Our association being as the local Himalayan ensures that your travel connects you with the people and places you visit and you are trekking with safest group of trek leaders and trek guides.

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Our Objectives

The motive behind MountMemory is to help people to experience the unexplored treks in high altitude Himalayas and make once in a life time memory in the mighty Himalayas. Apart from knowing the mountains, appreciating it geographical presence, reaching it, seeing it and feeling it, we also brief our trekkers about the spiritual connection of the these places and brief them about its people, their culture, understand their way of life, build bond with not just the place, but also its people and develop an environment of mutual respect for each other.

Who We Are

A Himalayan who owns MountMemory left behind all the luxuries of life and a high paying job of the corporates went against the wishes of his family and the rituals of the society, to get back to the Himalayas. The Himalayas had always been his first friend right from his childhood, which he grew up with, be it running away from his home to swimming in its rivers, or go for hikes around to the corners of the nearby mountains with friends, looking out for exciting elements (as a child ) to play with, be it hidden waterfalls, caves, birds, bulls and lots more. That’s where his soul lies and when he got back to it after leaving everything, he started to breathe again. He used to trek seldom during his tenure with his all previous employers, but after leaving his job, he proved his free soul to himself. He trekked the Himalayas unguided on his own, guided solely by the moods of the mountains.


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The motive behind MountMemory is to help people to experience the unexplored treks in high altitude Himalayas


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